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Shivaji College General & Admission Info

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The college has been the recognized and is one of the esteemed institutions of Delhi University. This place has obliged the society over the years by helping to form best young minds. The college is known to have inculcated best education and human values. This quality has helped students to inculcate pride and discipline which can be endured over their lives by them.

Shivaji College, is located at Raja Garden, Ring Road, New Delhi-110027. and is managed and nurtured by Principal, Dr. Rama Patnayak. As one can see situated on Ring Road also known as Highway No.1, makes the venue approachable by bus services and other mode of connectivity as well
Facilities and Infrastructures:

This college has one the most accomplishing library, with approximately 82000 books belonging to various interests. The seminar hall is equally inviting and fully equipped. There is one central lab but the college has provided separate laboratories for Botany, Physics, Chemistry and Zoology etc.
They have a well maintained sports field accommodating space for many sports activities. There is a special cell for Women's Studies and Development Center which acts as a boon for female students. Here on the premises the medical facilities are also provided in case of any health concern or emergency. The college has NCC to discipline its students in the welfare areas helping the society
Student's society and Activities:
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The college has a theatre group known as 'Vayam', which has won many awards and gives ample opportunities to the students to explore their talents. This group has won Delhi Haat theatre festival award. This college also organizes annual festivals in the month of December known as "Aagaaz". Here many cultural as well happening events take place. During this fest the fashion show was executed by college students sponsored by Pantaloon itself. There is an Art club where learners and scholars can get practice their creative and fine arts skills. public speaking society gives an open mind with edge of confidence to the students to express their views and opinions publicly so as to participate as better citizens later in their lives. The photo club and cine club just tops the chart for the fondness amongst the students. The college also has a University Choir of brilliant vocalist with their own Western and Indian dance group with a choreographer.
Admission -Info:
Like all the colleges under University of Delhi, Shivaji College's admission calendar begins by 1st of June but can be altered by declaration of Board exam's result which can be delayed. The college has no online application form facility therefore the info has to be picked fresh hand from the college as per year. This college also requires its students to pay their annual fee in cash, and any other mode of payment is not accepted or accredited. All candidates are asked to follow instructions for filing papers with the form correctly and carefully because any paper missing will nullify the admission form.

Courses offered and cut offs:
The college provides provision for Foreign Students to seek admission. One can apply through special seats given as sports quota and Arts and culture society puts emphasis on selecting students through analyzing the talents of various students who have that special gift. There is 22% ST/SC seats ensured by the college as well. With a special provision for widows and children of Indian Armed Forces which is counted as 5% of seats. The list of the courses and their cut offs:
B.A..(Hons) English first cut off 80%
- Second cut off 72%
B.A.(Hons) Hindi first cut off 70%
- Second cut off 62%
B.A.(Hons) Geography first cut off 83%
- Second cut off 77%
B.A.(Hons) Sanskrit first cut off 55%
- Second cut off 45%
B.A.(Hons)Economics first cut off 88%
- Second cut off 84%
B.A.(Hons) Political Science first cut off 69%
- Second cut off 67%
B.A.(Hons) Mathematics first cut off 75%
- Second cut off 70%
B.A.(Hons) History first cut off 75%
- Second cut off 70%
B.Com(Hons) first cut off 90%
- Second cut off 89%
B.Com Pass first cut off 89%
- Second cut off 88%
B.Sc(Hons) Biochemistrys first cut off 81%
- -
B.Sc (Hons) Botany first cut off 77%
- Second cut off 72%
B.Sc(Hons) Physics first cut off 73%
- -
B.Sc(Hons) Zoology first cut off 71%
B.Sc(Gen) Physical Science 69%
B.Sc.(Gen) Life Sciences 67%
Also mark as per the college rules that first list of the cut offs stats to come from 27th June onwards.

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    sharmajeeMon, 31 Oct 2011 12:18:44 -0000

    i have passed b a hons in year 1994 but haven't receive my certificate. is it possible to get my certificate now?

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